Do I Need To Have Experience To Join CrossFit?

Let me ask you a question to your question: “Why do you think you need to have experience to start CrossFit?”

As a gym owner in Houston, Texas for the past 5 years and a CrossFitter for the past 10, I have not only had my own journey in CrossFit but have helped over 1,000 athletes along theirs.

I get it.

Your friends who do CrossFit describe themselves doing things that sound unheard of.

The videos you look up of people doing CrossFit have people lifting heavy weights overhead and walking around on their hands.

But, that isn’t what CrossFit is for most of us.

Those people who do the things sound crazy are more like watching a professional golfer who has been playing for years. Just because they can his a hole in one and hit a ball 300 yards, doesn’t mean that golf isn’t for everyone.

CrossFit is a methodology in fitness that focuses on two main things for everyone:

1) Learning to Move Safely

2) Consistency

If you focus on moving your best each day and you actually go into the CrossFit gym you sign up for 3+ days per week, you are going to see results.

Even better, if you go to a CrossFit gym with an On-Ramp program, like ours, your journey to learning how to move safely accelerates and your confidence sky rockets.

Once ya have those things mastered, then you unlock the part of CrossFit that gets you to all those crazy results you see on the internet: load, volume, and intensity.

Then you just keep on moving your absolute best, stay consistent, and slowly ramp up those 3 new skills (load, volume, and intensity) under the watch of your CrossFit coach and you’ll be hitting all the goals you are setting out to accomplish in your head right now. 

So, don’t just sit there. Click the “Free Intro Link” above. Ya don’t need experience, you just have to find your why and stay consistent, we will handle the rest!

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