5 Things you should know about starting CrossFit in Houston, Texas?

Starting anything new is hard. Choosing a new workout routine can be even harder!!

If you’ve searched down the list of workout routines, talked to friends, and dug deep on your why and your journey has lead you to figuring out how to start doing CrossFit here in Houston?

Well as someone who once started CrossFit in Houston and opened a CrossFit Box here in Houston, here are somethings you might want to know before you start doing CrossFit!

You Don’t Need Experience to Start!

One of the biggest things that I have heard talking to people how are interested in CrossFit is, “I would start but I need to workout first before I start! I don’t want to look silly.”

You don’t need experience. And you won’t look silly.

First, the best CrossFit gyms have an On-Ramp Process that will have you in a small group or working one-on-one with a personal trainer to make sure you learn all the steps necessary to move safely while not overloading you from the get go (this is something that all our athletes love about the start of their journey here at Vegvisir).

Also, if you go into a gym and someone makes fun of you for being new or not as fit as them, you have walked into the first gym I’ve heard this happen. Gym’s are full of people who love seeing others improve and work on themselves. After all, they were once where you were!

You can be any age!

One of the best part of CrossFit is that it meets you where you are at, not a mold that you are shoved into. Every person, in every class, is at a different skill level and has different capabilities. Each class has a coach that can help you scale and make sure you are having the best possible workout that day!

It is pricier than a regular gym!

The thing about CrossFit gyms, is that they are “coaching facilities” not access gyms.

At Lifetime or Planet Fitness, you are paying for amenities and a global chain of gyms you can access.

At a CrossFit gym you are paying for experience, attention, and accountability from a coach that is dedicated to helping you improve. Just like anything else in life, those things cost a bit more, but the value you receive is returned to you in more ways that you can even fathom right now.

Most CrossFit Gyms Don’t Have Air Conditioning

CrossFit started in Santa Cruz, CA and is an affiliation model. This means that we are a network on mom and pop shops that all pay to use the name CrossFit. Which means we bootstrap these businesses from the ground up. This sometimes means that the location we can get starting out are in big empty warehouses and look a lot like that original location. 

In Houston, this means that your CrossFit experience might be a little stickier and hotter than you first imagined. A few CF gyms in Houston have AC, we are one of them. If working out in 95F degree temperatures sounds like a barrier too far, definitely look around for this gyms with a solid HVAC system. 

You Should Start Today.

The best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago. The next best time is today.

You’ve obviously reached a point where you want to make a change. You want to feel a certain way and accomplish a specific goal, so why put it off any longer?

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