Personal Training- A Fast Track to Achieving Goals and Understanding

“Different strokes for different folks.”-Muhammed Ali

Wherever you are in your fitness journey, you are on a difficult path. We all have different goals and different ways we wanna get there and all of them are harder than sitting on the couch.

We all can choose to stay fit by walking in the park, swimming, joining a CrossFit gym, going to a large globo gym, etc…. The choice of which fitness regimen to choose for our goals is probably the easiest part of the whole process! We tend to choose the things that sound the most fun and/or show the results we want in people we know.

Once we make that choice we face some harder obstacles: sticking with it, doing it right, and prioritizing it.

This is where I see most people fall off the rails and enter that “I’ll try again next year,” bus.

People usually stop fitness routines not because they weren’t seeing results or even hating the routine itself. Athletes are derailed by life! Things such as work changing your schedule, feeling too tired after work, a lack of support, and simply just not knowing what do when walking in the gym have taken down the best of New Year’s resolutions.

If this has happened to you, it’s probably not the first time it has happened! You’ve given multiple attempts at trying an exercise program and something always gets in the way. Well, there is a tool out there that is often ignored by most athletes stuck in this rut….

Personal Training- The Most Malleable Fitness Routine Around

If you ran into anyone of the previously mentioned issues and it’s derailed your goals, personal training is a great to get around any sort of issues you may have!

It’s how I started working out in a gym setting. The lessons, knowledge, and accountability I earned from signing up with a personal trainer helped me get where I wanted to be faster and with much more understanding of where to go next.

Now we all get what it is at most gyms in America; a 1-on-1 session with a certified trainer and you do some workouts while they make sure you don’t hurt yourself. While this is part of it, thinking of it this way makes it sound like it’s exclusively for the uninitiated to fitness.

In reality personal training is probably the highest quality way to improve you fitness. Think of it in terms of you’re at a nice steak restaurant. Going alone to a globo gym is the appetizer, group training is gonna be a nice porterhouse you split with the table, and personal training is gonna be a filet mignon. You can have a full meal of appetizers and be just fine, but it’ll take a lot longer. The porterhouse will get you fun and you’ll have fun with friends but there’s some fat around the edges. With the filet (personal training) you’re gonna have everything ya want and all for yourself.

With a personal trainer you can: create a schedule that works around your hectic life, have workouts programmed specifically for your goals and where you are at, learn details about your health you might not have learned otherwise, and (most importantly) have someone dedicated to your accountability. It is way harder to skip the gym when you have someone counting on you to be there!

Going ahead and making the choice to start personal training isn’t an admission of weakness, it is an acknowledgement that you want to get fit and you’re done waiting for the next time life opens up for you.

How To Find the Right Personal Trainer:

Finding a personal trainer isn’t difficult; finding the right one is!

You can always type “personal trainer near me” or “personal trainer Houston” into Google and you’ll find 20 just a rocks throw away from you in an instant. The thing is, not all of them will be the best for you.

Now there are many deciding factors when picking the right personal trainer. The one that should matter most is their dedication to you and experience.

The hardest thing for people starting a fitness journey is staying committed. If you have a trainer that isn’t committed to you and making sure that you are feeling your best and coming in when you say you’re gonna come in, you are much less likely to succeed!

Of course, you can have the best cheerleader in the world and do great! It’s why we suggest going to gyms with a solid community and having a support network at home! A trainer that knows how to structure workouts that are going to get you the results you want and take into account how you’re feeling, will get you there in a fast and safe manner!

Credentials are an easy way to tell a trainers experience for sure. It’s a 3rd parties way of saying “this person knows their stuff!” But, theres a litmus test we want you do on top of making sure they are certified. When you go to see your trainer for your consultation, do they ask you about your goals and provide a clear path to your success based off of what you want? Next, do they assess you and your movement? They can’t make a plan based off of your success if they don’t know how you move and have a plan to help you move better!

If your trainer does those two things when you meet them, you know they are good enough to consider being your trainer! All ya gotta do now is talk with them and decide if they fit what you are looking for in a person that you will end up spending a couple hours with them 1-on-1 per week!

Looking To Start?

We highly suggest making a list of gyms that are convenient to your home or work (we want to take every excuse for not going to the gym out of the equation) and set up consultations with the gyms who’s message speak to you and your goals. Be thorough and give each of them a chance. Place a priority on your goals and choose what you believe will get you there with the highest quality experience for you.

If you live in Houston, Tx, we highly suggest visiting Vegvisir CrossFit & Personal Training on Almeda Rd.!

We have trained and experienced staff that will create a plan dedicated to your goals that take into account where you are at now and work hard to get you where you wanna be!


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